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Happy Record Store Day!

Hey Manics!

Go out and support your local record stores! Swing by and check out all the cool RSD exclusive releases including the Neon Trees “Sleeping With a Friend” 7” pink vinyl

What are you waiting for? GO! NOW!

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It’s Picture Show's birthday! As a gift from us to you, have this unreleased photo from the Picture Show era!

It’s Picture Show's birthday! As a gift from us to you, have this unreleased photo from the Picture Show era!

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What are your thoughts on Elaine singing with Tyler? I went to a concert here in Jersey 2 years ago & many people cheered during Mad Love.

If I was at the show, I would have cheered too! I love that Elaine is being featured as a vocalist now. Not only is she an extremely talented drummer, she also has a great singing voice. Their harmonies are the epitome of the phrase ‘ear candy’! :)

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Upcoming TV Appearances!

Hey maniacs!

The band will being performing on Good Morning America (April 21) and LIVE! With Kelly & Michael (April 23). Make sure to tune in and support the band during POP PSYCHOLOGY RELEASE WEEK!

We are days away from the release of the new album! Who’s excited?!

Also, If you haven’t entered for your chance to win a Pop Psychology Deluxe Bundle, go here for all the details! 

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I was just wondering what your opinion on pop psychology was? I haven't listened to the whole album yet because I live in Canada, and I was wondering if it's anything like picture show? Picture show was the reason I am such a fan of neon trees today and the music I've listened to seems to stray away from there last album (as expected) but what do you think of it?

Here you go!

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IT’S HERE! it’s small BUT IT’S HERE!


YES! I will be giving away a POP PSYCHOLOGY BUNDLE to ONE lucky fan! To see what you’ll be winning, click here to see the previous post featuring the items in the bundle. Here’s what you need to know for your chance to win:

Official Rules

This is our THANK YOU for following our little blog and for being so cool.

We love you, Maniacs. :)

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I really wanna listen to the album! But I cant find any good links.. Do I have to wait till 4/22? :'(

Do you have an iTunes account? If so, you can stream it here.

I’ve seen various zip files of the album in the tag. If you can’t wait to listen to it till the 22nd, you could download it. Just a reminder, we don’t support downloading music illegally so we encourage everyone to purchase the album when it comes out. 

I hope this helps. Enjoy! :)